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AdCellerant | Cannabis GeoFencing

Why use Cannabis Device ID GeoFencing?

  Our unique Device ID technology goes beyond simple geo-fencing to target unique devices and measure results with real attribution and ROI. In contrast to other providers, who use radius or assumptive data and targeting, our technology has a certainty of one-to-one device tracking.   Location Targeting Options: Our team will hand-draw a polygon around your desired location(s), pulling devices seen as recently as 3 days ago and as far back as one year. Quick-Select Option: Our team can pull devices from a quick-select category of business, which gathers device IDs from ‘all coffee shops’ as an example. With our Device ID technology, we can provide an Audience Insight Report for location targeting. This is a demographic report for the users we have identified have been in the defined geofences. These reports tell us the consumer’s basic geographic data, visitor frequency, household income, and much more.  Now your client can figure out if the target audience is desirable and also use that information to run a programmatic display campaign. Foot Traffic Attribution Reports are also available with Device ID. Devices that were in your target audience used during the campaign and that were also seen in the point of interest are represented in this report, and counted as visitors attributed to the campaign. Talk about incredible ROI!

Who is AdCellerant?

AdCellerant is an award-winning technology and digital marketing company focused on bringing Madison Avenue level digital marketing solutions to Main Street businesses. AdCellerant has created a proprietary comprehensive digital agency software solution that supports our partner's efforts to scale sales, operations, and reporting all within a single toolkit. Our team is made up of 95 digital experts who are driven and purposeful in their execution of the company's mission. All campaigns are processed, managed, and optimized through our award-winning operations team at AdCellerant in Denver, CO. The AdCellerant Operations team members are compensated based on the success of your campaigns and are highly incentivized to make frequent optimizations, tying campaign success to our own success. Pinpointed targeting - our technology ensures you are reaching relevant devices whether you use location, ZIP Code or other targeting methods. Audience Insight Reports can be provided that show the demographics for the locations that were looked back on. Campaign optimization - our campaign managers are incentivized to hit key KPIs like foot traffic and click-thru rates. This ensures a real human is paying attention to your campaign performance. Foot Traffic Attribution Reports can be provided to show the devices that were in your target audience that were also seen in the point of interest.